07 June 2014

Feet Don't Fail Me Now!

One thing I like about warmer weather is the chance to wear sandals.  I love sandals, and if I had tons of money would probably buy even more pairs than I have.  One of the biggest problems with sandals, though, is that often they don't have much support for my feet.  So, if I wear them to work, by the time I get home, my poor feet sometimes hurt, but always wish they could get some real comfort.

I used to make sure that I put on my walking shoes for a while, but in really hot weather, that only made the rest of me uncomfortable.  A few weeks ago, I was in the local City Sports when they were having a sale, and I saw these:

They were on sale, which is always appealing to me, and they looked like something a little bit more than the regular flip-flop, so I tried them on.   Wow!  Even though they are plastic, they are pillow soft, and even better, they have cushioned heels and arch support.  They were *so* comfortable trying on, I decided that I would give them a try.  And since then, my feet and I have been so very glad that I did!

Before this, I'd never heard of the brand, Oofos.  (Not that it means anything - I'm not necessarily a shoe-brand afficionado.)  But they make these shoes for both men and women, and there are several different colors to choose from, besides the periwinkle blue that I chose, shown above.  I have been wearing mine a lot, and they are still as comfy as the first time I tried them on.  Even though they are plastic, they are not plastic-y feeling, and the piece between your toes does not rub at all, so you don't get blisters.  If say, you are giving your plants a drink of water and your shoes get wet, it's not a problem and they are not in danger of being ruined.  :-)

You should try a pair of Oofos.  Now that I have tried them, I can say that I would definitely buy them again, even if they were not on sale.

Happy weekend!

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