03 June 2013

Pretty and Good

Yesterday, the Sephora near my house had a fund-raising event for the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society - PAWS, as it is more popularly known.  For someone like me, this was the perfect intersection of two things I love - makeup and animals.  They were collecting both monetary donations, and donations of things needed for the shelter animals.  Since PAWS is the only no-kill shelter in the area, I like to support then when I can.  I took up a bunch of towels, which was one of the things on their wish list.  In thanks for my contribution, Sephora gave me a raffle ticket for each item.  No, I didn't win, but it really didn't matter - I helped the animals the way that I could, since at the moment, I couldn't have made a monetary contribution.

PAWS also has the PAWS Club, where participating merchants give discounts if you are a member.  I've been a member for years, and to be perfectly honest, I usually forget to check and see if places I am buying something/taking advantage of a service/eating a meal are participants - I just see it as another way to help the animals!

Do you pay attention to whether or not your cosmetics or skin care products are tested on animals?  I have always tried my very best to only support companies who do not test on animals.  It used to be pretty hard to determine, but things have gotten much easier over the years, with more companies becoming aware of alternative testing methods.

All of us are responsible for the other beings on this planet.  I am more than well aware of how nature works, the circle of life, etc.  And I can accept that.  But I do not see a single good reason for animals to suffer so that I can have eye shadow, or face cream, or anything else.

So if you are local, please consider supporting PAWS; if not, please look for organizations in your area, and do whatever you can do.  It really is possible to be pretty AND good.


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