16 May 2013

Don't Hate Me Because ...

Do you remember that old commercial where the woman (whose name escapes me) used to say, "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful"?  And then more recently, the story about how Dove Soap did a video survey where women talked about what they looked like to themselves, and then listened to how strangers described them?

Well, I thought of both last weekend.  I went to the local Blue Mercury to have my brows tweezed (the price is good, and the woman is really nice).  Anyhoo, when I was finished, I was walking through the store, looking at some things, and one of the people who works there said hello.  She is really nice, and very friendly, and in the past, she has helped me with different things.  She seems like someone who would be a lot of fun, you know?

Anyway, she was working with someone else, doing a makeup application, and I heard her say, "See the woman I just spoke to?  She has the most gorgeous, amazing skin."  She was talking about me!

I  was of course flattered, but also really surprised.  For most of my life, my skin has been in terrible shape.  When I was a little kid, before the invention of sunscreen, I would get sunburt all of the time.  Not because I was a sun-worshiper, but just because I left the house, and have a very immediate reaction to any sun.  Then of course the teen-age years, when I was pimply.  And I always wondered why my face was always so red - enough that people were always asking me if I had been in an accident and burned my face - only as an adult to learn that I have rosacea.

Fortunately, when we moved to Philadelphia, I started going to a dermatologist who turned out to be really good at what she does.  Over the years, my rosacea has gotten under control, and because I am extremely vigilant, my skin is in good shape.  I have had people tell me that it was clear I took good care of my skin, and I have always been happy with that compliment.

But I never thought of myself as someone with "gorgeous, amazing skin" - who knew?   And it did make me think of the old commercial as well as the Dove Soap survey.  I don't think I'm overly self-critical or self-absorbed about my looks, but I really never thought that I was any more or less beautiful/good-looking/attractive than the average person.

Did I like hearing the woman say that?  Yes - I mean, I'm telling you, right?  But I was also somewhat amused and have been so ever since.

So remember - just because you don't see yourselves as others do, it doesn't mean that you can't be happy anyway.

Not me ...

But also not me ...

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